• just liz, please.

    I believe in kindness, truth, and miracles.

    Life humbly ushered me to a yoga class and one Friday evening my life forever changed. In a room with 200 strangers I moved, breathed, sweat, and surrendered. I had no idea what I was doing, yet walked home that evening and thought, "Whatever THAT was, thank you." For the first time in a long time I felt at home. Fast forward to today and now my heartfelt intention is for all beings to feel at home in their body, on this earth, and in this lifetime. 


    I believe teaching is a conversation, not a monologue. I am here to see you and be with you with an open heart, open eyes, and open palms. I teach from a relevant and practical foundation while weaving in wisdom teachings, subtle body awareness and energetics, mantra, and mudra. I believe in our collective consciousness and universal heart and tap into both to teach and guide. Caveat: I am also drawn to levity and absurdity, as laughter is real good medicine.


    In January of 2020, my partner Greg and I opened Love Bird Yoga in downtown Redmond, Oregon and bring yoga and meditation - in many forms and styles - to our sweet and thriving town. We believe everyone has unique gifts to share and celebrate every person who walks through our studio door. Our mission at Love Bird Yoga is for all beings to be happy, healthy, and free from suffering. And for all beings to be seen, valued, respected, and to know love.


    My daily intention

    I bow to the path and

    the practices of yoga.

    May the efforts I make,

    the words I speak,

    and the actions I take -

    bring forth more truth and more kindness

    to our shared and collective world.

  • classes | mentorship

    I am here to serve.



    11:00am-12:00pm Foundations

    Studio & Online



    9:00-10:15am Mellow Flow

    Studio & Online



    9:00-10:15am *heated* Vin/Yin

    Studio & Online


    All classes through Love Bird Yoga.

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    Private Classes

    Private classes give us an opportunity to understand and see ALL of you. Together, we'll address your questions, challenges, and roadblocks.

    Perhaps you're looking for ease in your body and mind, strength in your physical being, or tools such as meditation, mantra, and mudra to help navigate life.

    Private classes can be individual or small groups up to 4 people. Classes are held at our studio, or online via Zoom.

    $85/hour, $300/4 sessions.


    Are you a student or teacher of yoga (i.e LIFE) ready to move forward on your path, yet not sure what step to take?

    Through a series of meet-ups or Zoom calls, we'll explore your foundation (where you are right now), and your freedom (where you want, dream, desire to be). This may mean breaking down your foundation, exploring all the parts, and rebuilding.

    I'm not a coach, nor do I claim to be. I'm here to support you moving in the direction of your dreams and become an aware and empowered teacher, human, friend, partner - full of grace and strength.

    This offering includes yoga and meditation, mantra & mudra, book/podcast/reading recommendations, pranayama exercises, journaling prompts, and buckets of love.


    Sliding Scale: $88-$108 / session

  • workshops | trainings | retreats

    Let's learn, grow, and evolve together.

    From Earth to Sky: Love Bird Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

    *Next training starts January 2024*

    Yoga is a healing practice and after 5,000+ years it is still potent, relevant, and needed now more than ever. At its core, studying yoga is the study of life and self. Our time together will be spent understanding and embodying the 5 great elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space. You will peal away layers, discover your truth, and learn how to offer your gifts and inner illumination to the world. This is a Yoga Alliance approved training.

    **Click here for details**

    Baja Bliss

    January 5th - 10th, 2024

    Join me in Southern Baja at Topia, an all-inclusive retreat space located just north of Cerritos. This retreat is created to give you time and space to rest and restore, while offering classes, workhops, activities, and meals to support community and connection.

    **Click here for details and registration.**


  • credentials | experience

    E-RYT500 + YACEP

    200HR Yoga Teacher Trainings

    Heart of the Cascades, 2011

    Rolf Gates Yoga, 2014

    Namaspa School of Yoga, 2016


    300HR Yoga Teacher Training

    Janet Stone Yoga, 2018


    Path of Devotion, 108 Hour Trainings with Janet Stone Yoga

    Esalen, Fall 2019

    Mandala Springs, Fall 2020


    Additional Training with Janet Stone Yoga

    Myth and Mantra, 2019

    Teaching a Healing Tempo, 2019

    Living the 8 Limbs, 2018

    *I am a mentor under Janet Stone and can guide you to offerings, trainings, workshops, and retreats within the Janet Stone Yoga School. More about Janet's offerings can be found here.*



    School of Life: I've climbed some mountains and fallen face first into a few gutters,

    1976 - present.